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Archdiocese of Changanacherry

The same Pope reorganised the existing Vicariates by the Bull ‘Quae Rei Sacrae’ dated July 28, 1896 establishing a new Vicariate, Ernakulam, with territories carved out from the two existing Vicariates (Pallippuram, Edappally and Arakuzha divisions from Kottayam Vicariate). The Vicariate of Kottayam was renamed Changanacherry, since this town had been the centre of Catholic activity, (eg: the Convocation of the Changanacherry Synod in 1888) and hence its headquarters had been shifted to Changanacherry in 1891. Indigenous bishops were appointed Vicars Apostolic to the new Sees. They were Mar Mathew Makil for Chan-ganacherry, Mar Louis Pazheparambil (from Changanacherry Vicariate) for Ernakulam and Mar John Menacherry for Thrissur. A new Vicariate of Kottayam was constituted in1911 exclusively for the Suddists and Mar Mathew Makkil was transferred to Kottayam as the Vicar Apostolic of Suddists and Mar Thomas Kurialacherry was appointed the Vicar Apostolic of Changanacherry. With the establishment of the Syro-Malabar Hierarchy on December 21, 1923 by the Bull ‘Romani Pontifices’ of Pope Pius XI, the Diocese of Thrissur, Changanacherry and Kottayam became suffragans of the Archdiocese of Ernakulam thereby constituting the first Syro-Malabar Province. On July 25, 1950 the Diocese of Changanacherry was bifurcated by the Bull ‘Quo Ecclesiarum’ of Pope Pius XII and the new Diocese of Palai was created. The Holy See being impressed by the wonderful progress achieved by the Syro-Malabarians, extended the hitherto held boundaries of Changanacherry to the areas south of river Pamba, up to (including) Kanyakumari, by the Bull ‘Multorum Fidelium’ of Pope Pius XII, dated April 29, 1955. Changanacherry was raised to the status of an Archdiocese on July 26, 1956 by Pope Pius XII constituting the second province in the Syro-Malabar Church and Kottayam and Pala became its suffragans. The Apostolic Constitution ‘Regnum Caelorum’ of November 26, 1959 of Pope John XXIII gave effect to this decision of Pope Pius XII. In 1975 the missionary work of three (now five) civil districts of the Archdiocese of Agra in the State of Uttar Pradesh was taken up completely by the Archdiocese of Changanacherry. The Archdiocese was again divided on 26th February 1977 by the Bull ‘Nos Beati Petri’ of Pope Paul VI and the new Diocese of Kanjirappilly was set up comprising parts of the Civil districts of Kottayam and Idukki. The Archdiocese was divided a fourth time when its Kanyakumari Mission was elevated to the status of a new diocese by the Bull Apud Indorum Gentes of John Paul II, dated December 18, 1996. The formal inauguration of the new diocese of Thuckalay and the Episcopal Ordination of Mar George Alencherry as its first Bishop took place on February 2, 1997. The Archdiocese of Changanacherry now comprises the civil districts of Thiruvananthapuram, Kollam, Pathanamthitta, Alappuzha and Kottayam in Kerala and Palai, Kanjirapally and Thucklay as its suffragans. Archbishop Mar Joseph Powathil assumed the office of the Archbishop of Changanacherry on 17th January 1986 and resigned in 2007. Mar Joseph Perumthottam was appointed on 20th January 2007 as the new Metropolitan Archbishop of Changanacherry and was installed on 19th March 2007.
St. Joseph's Orphanage Press and Bookstall
The St. Joseph’s Orphanage Press commenced its impressions in 1924, under the leadership of Mar James Kalassery, to provide printing services of all nature. With our commendably experienced and dedicated staff, state-of-the-art technology and quality control, excellence of output is assured. In 1967 during the period of Mar Mathew Kavukattu the bookstall started functioning . In 2008 it was reorganized as a trust. However, a striking shift of the printing epoch was from the letter press to the offset technology, added to it on 31st January 1997, by Archbishop Mar Joseph Powathil in the presence of Mar George Kocherry who funded for the machinery. In 2006, web printing complemented to our industry during the Golden Jubilee Celebrations of the Archdiocese of Changanacherry. It marked a new experience of a unique technology in printing when, on the 9th of September 2009, (09-09-09) Metropolitan Archbishop Mar Joseph Perumthottam dedicated the renovated high-tech printing press to the public. As we consider printing to be one of the most influential instrument on modern society, we deem it as a medium to serve and enrich our culture. At St. Joseph’s Orphanage Press moderate rates go hand in hand with timely delivery. Our promise is to provide a worthy and rewarding printing experience.
Madhyastan TV
A mediator between marooned relatives Avail local news, information and messages of revered, respected and venerated Catholic heads. Madhyastan Communication Media enables the members of the Archdiocese of Changanacherry to watch it worldwide at a less expensive rate. Scenes of auspicious occasions like Marriages, First Holy Communions, Baptism etc of close relatives can be watched from anywhere round the globe. It is promoted through internet with the aid of modern technology by St.Joseph’s Orphanage Press and Bookstall.